October 6th (9:30am to 12:30pm) & October 20th (9:30am to 12:30pmVirtual Training | Boys Will Be Men: Road to Recovery Presented by Dennis Morrow

Registration will open Sept 20th, 2021

Boys Will Be Men: Road to Recovery
Join us for a unique gender-specific, evidenced-based training focused exclusively on high risk boys. This training is designed to increase the effectiveness of individual counselors and of programs working with boys and men.

What you will learn:

  • Why boys are outwardly impulsive
  • Why gangs are more linked to evidenced-based practice than boot camps and treatment programs
  • Why time-outs for boys can make things worse
  • Why treating a boy for any symptom is always a co-occurring disorder
  • Why standard treatment practices fly in the face of Mother Nature 

Boys Will Be Men provides an in-depth examination of the boy and male experience. It is an interactive/experiential training which presents scientific, historical and statistical information that challenges commonly held myths about what really works in the treatment of boys/youth/men. This training is designed for both experienced professionals and people new to the field of working with boys. It will help you stretch and grow as a mentor, parent, friend, counselor and has broad applications for your roles outside of work as well.

What you will gain:

  • Increase your knowledge of brain and biological differences between boys and girls
  • Increase your awareness of how these differences impact on boys’ behavior and their response to treatment interventions
  • Identify the elements of effective, gender-specific treatment programs for boys
  • Increase your awareness of personal bias we all carry toward boys and the impact these have in the context of a professional relationship
  • Provide evidenced-based treatment processes that work with a boy’s brain/biology rather than against it.

Who should attend: Social service providers working with boys, adolescents and young men. This training will be virtual and open to all.

Where: Zoom links will be emailed after you register and before the event.

Cost: $69.00 (For both Oct 6th & Oct 20th)


Get 25% off when you have a group of 8 or more. To get your discount code, email Naomi at [email protected] 

About the trainer:

Dennis Morrow, M.A.Ed., MBA has been the Executive Director of Janus Youth Programs, Inc. since 1980. The agency has a $12 million budget, employs a staff of 250 at 21 locations in Oregon and Washington, and provides a wide array of services to high-risk adolescents.  Dennis is also a management consultant working with both nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and he serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Portland State University (Institute for Nonprofit Management) and an Instructor at Portland Community College (Alcohol and Drug Counselor Education). He has provided training and workshops for over 30,000 people and hundreds of businesses/organizations ranging from small nonprofits to some of the largest accounting firms in the world. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Dennis has also developed counselor and parent training programs for over 30 years including: Basic Counseling Skills; Advanced Counseling Skills; Parents-in-Charge; Adult Odyssey (impact of race and gender on the therapeutic relationship); Relationships and Addiction; Men and Addiction; and Boys Will Be Men: Gender Specific Treatment for Boys. In 2012 he released The MaleBox: A Journey into a Deeper Understanding of Boys and Men, a set of 4 DVDs designed for use in training counselors/teachers/mentors working with males as well as a Gender-Specific Group Curriculum for working with teenage boys and adult males.  In 2009, Dennis was recognized by the University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business at their 75th Anniversary as one of the “Significant 75” graduates from the Business School and by Portland State University for Outstanding Contributions to the Division of Public Administration. As a working manager himself and a parent of eight adopted children, Dennis tends to focus on concrete strategies and techniques which can be directly applied for even the most complex organizational/human dynamics. A former student described Dennis as “a combination of Dirty Harry, the Dalai Lama, and Mr. Rogers…but I never know who is going to show up next!”




CPS (Collaborative Problem Solving) Tier 1 Training Presented by Doris Bowman, M.S. Education & Rick Bowman, M.A. Clinical Psychology -  CPS Certified Trainers

Stop chasing temporary compliance…and start building skills!!!

Registration will open September 27th, 2021

When: October 13th, 14th & 15th, 2021

Where: Intended to be an IN-PERSON event contingent upon regulations and restrictions. Any changes will be announced soon. 
Venue: Hosted by Boys & Girls Aid meeting space at 9320 SW Barbur Street Portland, OR

Cost: TBD

Who should attend?

  • Educators & Childcare Providers
  • Mental Health & Healthcare Providers
  • Parents & Caregivers

What will I learn?

  • Comparisons of how CPS more effectively addresses behavior than traditional models
  • Processes to assess and plan intervention components of the CPS Model
  • Strategies for when a child has difficulty with cognitive flexibility, emotional regulation, or expressing concerns/needs
  • Strategies for proactively working with children to build skills for areas of chronic challenges
  • Strategies to foster positive relationship and skill growth

About the trainers: 

Rick Bowman’s qualifications include the following:

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology
  • Certified Trauma Practitioner – Clinical (CTP-C®)
  • Certified HeartMath® and “The Resilience Advantage” Trainer
  • Certified Trainer in Collaborative Problem Solving®MGH (Think:Kids,
  • Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • K-12 licensed school administrator in the state of Oregon
  • Founder and Leader in the “Transforming Trauma – Raising Resilience: Connected 

Community” (www.bowmanconsultgroup.com/ttrrcc) Rick’s background includes leadership positions in the U.S. Military, business, mental health and education. He’s functioned as a clinical consultant for mental health clinics and human service agencies, and has also provided speaking/consultation internationally in Russia, Cuba & Jamaica. He’s held positions of Clinical Psychologist, Community College Professor, Assistant Principal, Alternative Education Coordinator, Student Services Director, and Assistant Executive Director of a non-profit organization providing educational services to students with severe emotional/behavioral challenges.

Doris Bowman’s qualifications include the following:

  • M.S., Education / Special Education
  • Advanced Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner – Education® (CTP-E)
  • Advanced Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner – Clinical (CTP-C®)
  • Certified HeartMath® and “The Resilience Advantage” Trainer
  • PCI Certified Parent Coach®
  • Certified “Stress & Well-Being Assessment” Provider
  • Certified special educator & administrator in the state of Oregon
  • Certified Trainer in Collaborative Problem Solving®MGH (Think:Kids,
  • Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Founder and Leader in the “Transforming Trauma – Raising Resilience: Connected

Community” (www.bowmanconsultgroup.com/ttrrcc) Doris has co-authored Going to Bed is Easy Now, and “Going to School is Easy Now”, the first two in a series of children’s books designed to support children with challenging behavior (www.easynowbooks.com). She has over 20 years’ experience working with and supporting children/youth with challenging behaviors and their families.

Bowman Consulting Group: Bowman Consulting Group provides training, consultation, coaching & advisement on topics of:

• Trauma-Informed Practices, Systems and Structures for Schools & Mental Health Agencies 
• Trauma-Informed FBAs & Behavior Plans
• Neuroscience of ACEs, Toxic Stress and Trauma
• Collaborative Problem Solving®(MGH) Introductory & Tier 1 Trainings
• Resilience Practices (Evidence-Based & Actionable) for Leaders, Staff & Students/Clients
• “The Resilience Advantage” Training for Organizations of all Types
• Actionable Trauma Stewardship for Leaders & Staff
• HeartMath Institute Practices & Strategies for Self-Care, Health & Wellness
• “Stress & Well-Being Assessment” Certified Provider for individuals and organizations

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Trauma.Informed.Connected.Community.Page


Registration will open September 27th, 2021 




In order to help develop a healthcare workforce to meet all Oregonians' needs, the Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) are collaborating on behalf of the Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB) to make available grant funds as part of the Healthy Workforce Training Opportunity (HOWTO) grant program. 

The Oregon Alliance and the Oregon Child & Family Services Council is honored to receive a HOWTO grant and excited to implement our training program!

HOWTO grants are intended to expand health professional training to address current and future shortages in the healthcare workforce in rural and medically underserved areas of Oregon. 

We will be providing training services for behavioral health providers serving Oregon's most vulnerable children and adolescents through a 3-year, 2-part program: 

  • A training series designed to build skills, promote safety, and strengthen professional development including trauma-informed care principles and self-care for behavioral health providers across Oregon. 
  • A six-month intensive leadership training institute for providers of color.