The Oregon Alliance is a non-profit member association of behavioral health and social services organizations that serve children, youth, and families across Oregon. Members provide a vast array of services to children, youth, adolescents, and families including behavioral and mental health services, houseless youth services and foster care, adoption, family reunification, education, substance use treatment and prevention services. Our association of 40 organizations represents over $230 million in programs and services for 100,000+ children, youth, and families per year. There are roughly 5,500 employees in our member organizations with $175 million in payroll each year. The Alliance has been operating in some form since 1917.


The Oregon Child & Family Center for Excellence is a separate non-profit and the training, research, and data arm of its sister organization, the Oregon Alliance. The Center for Excellence strives to strengthen programs, services, and service delivery for children, youth, and families in Oregon. We’re helping to build an Oregon in which every young person is valued and able to thrive in their home, school, and community—with access to the tools and resources that they need to succeed. The Center’s mission and scope was crafted to meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of our communities, and its work will continue to evolve to address new challenges as they arise.

Launched in July of 2022, the Center offers a solutions-oriented approach to problems facing Oregon families. We are focused on developing the human services workforce, advocating for systems change, and supporting providers in their ongoing efforts to improve their own quality of care.


Building Community Resilience (BCR) Oregon is a self-sponsored statewide collaborative that fosters engagement between grassroots community members and public/private systems to develop a protective buffer against adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) occurring in adverse community environments (ACEs) -  the “Pair of ACEs.” Our membership is comprised of community members and cross-sector partners that seek to improve the health and wellbeing of children and youth, to strengthen families (families of choice, natural supports or families of origin), and build more equitable and resilient communities.

The BCR Oregon approach:

  • Centers community voice by increasing accessibility and reducing barriers that prevent community engagement.
  • Engages cross-sector entities in a Collective Impact approach.
  • Champions community and family friendly policy and practice that eliminates disparities rooted in the Pair of ACEs.