Oregon Alliance/Oregon Child & Family Center for Excellence Annual Summit 


The Alliance and Center's three-day Annual Summit is in May of each year. For people who are leaders in the delivery of behavioral and mental health services for children, youth, and families, the Summit provides compelling information from national presenters on relevant subjects. The Summit also provides an opportunity to network and maintain strong communication among colleagues and other partners. 

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Past Summits


Celebrating the People Who do the Work Everyday

During our 2023 Summit, we also wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the direct care, administrative, and management teams who show up and turn their organizations’ and communities’ principles into practice every day. This work is only possible because of their dedication, ingenuity, and compassion. 

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Oregon Alliance Health Equity Annual Summit - May 2022 Wrap Up 


After more than two years we had an in-person Summit at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, OR. And not just any in-person Summit. A fun, meaningful, and pivotal event with over 80 people in-person! We are beyond grateful for all our speakers, trainers, panels, and attendees for sharing their time with us.

Our theme this year was Health Equity and we kicked it off with Mariotta Gary-Smith, an expert in Health Equity, presenting a Health Equity 101 to get everyone on the same page. Then, we dove into the self-care for your nervous system present by Shauna Signorini and Melissa Ballard-Batiste. Our second day was full and fulfilling which began with keynote speaker former Gov. Kitzhaber who inspired vision and unity for the state of Oregon. Then, we were taught by the wisdom and lived experience of our youth panel who all reminded us of why we do what we do. Next up,  we had a Health Equity Policy Panel with representatives from the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Oregon Health Authority, and the Oregon Youth Authority .  Finally, on our second day we had a Community Engagement Work Session where attendees broke out in groups and developed community engagement strategies with tangible actions to bring into their own organizations.

Our Sponsors

We could not have done any of this without the help of our sponsors. Their support for our event brought together more than 80 people creating a much needed in-person event. Our list of sponsors include: The Ford Family Foundation, Bridgeway, Health Share of Oregon, Trillium, Oregon Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Youth Authority, Stoel Rives, JD Fulwiler, Providence, Maple Star of Oregon, 501c, & Parrot Creek.





Alliance Annual Summit - May 2021 Wrap Up 

We did it! Nearly 160 people gathered virtually for our Summit from May 17 – 20 this year. With the intention and inspiration of resiliency, we dove deep into topics like generational trauma, tools for organizational resiliency, the voluntary services model for vulnerable youth who experience trafficking, how to have hard conversations in a supervisor role, and DEI visions for an Oregon that fights oppression and racial disparities.

The total number of attendees was an impressive 160, totaling 240 hours of training provided. Total CEU certificates was 52 totaling 78 hours of training provided. We also had stellar feedback! Of those whom took the poll, the feedback from the poll was at 98% extremely and very satisfied with 100% saying yes they’d recommend the summit. Thanks to so many who made it possible. We are grateful.

Our esteemed presenters took us to the depths of subject matter more than we have ever imagined. Each presenter brought forth an expertise and fortitude that lived up to our Summit theme of resiliency. Implementing real change means creating a sense of community which can be challenging in a virtual format. But our presenters shone through, sharing their wisdom shared with the community.

Our generous sponsors made this event possible. The sponsor list includes: Oregon Department of Human Services, Stoel Rives, Comagine, Cascadia, Care Oregon, Bridgeway Recovery Services, JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance, Oregon Health Authority, GOBHI, 501(c) Agencies Trust, and Allcare Health. This event would not be possible without them. They are partners who’s values align with our
mission and we are so grateful for their generosity.

We also want to thank all the attendees of Summit 2021. We had engaging conversations within all the sessions and can’t wait to see you in-person next year!




summit 2020


2018 Annual Membership Summit
​Building Community Resilience  - A "Pair of ACES"
Presenting: Dr. Wendy Ellis, DrPH(c); MPH & Caitlin Murphy, MPA-PNP
​May 9-11, 2018

This year, the Oregon Alliance of Children’s program held their 2018 annual Summit at the beautiful Resort at the Mountain, at the base of Mt. Hood. Featuring Dr. Wendy Ellis and her team from Washington DC, to teach leaders of our memberships about Building Community Resilience, BCR.
BCR is a George Washington University led national collaborative and network seeking to improve the health of children, families and communities by sparking engagement between community services and public and private systems to create a protective buffer against ​Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACEs.
2018 Annual Summit
BCR Key ​Terms and Concepts
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Adverse Community Environments
Community Resilience
Toxic Stress
Social Determinants of Health
Trauma-Informed Care
“Rich Soil Results in a Resilient Community”
Doug Riggs, awarded the Children's Champion Award
Janet Arenz, awarded the first ever annual, Janet Arenz Diamond Award
Janet Hamada, awarded for her 10th year on the board
​BCR was able to make personal connections for Oregon by using data such as posted in the graph below. They were also able to offer new ways for our community leaders to show how directly the data correlates to the lives of the people around them. 

2016 Summit Overview


2016 Annual Membership Summit
“Not Your Mother’s Nonprofit”
Featuring Author:
Vu Le, Executive Director, Rainer Valley Corps
Building culturally specific leadership for non profits, blogger
"Non Profit with Balls" AKA "Non Profit AF"





2015 Annual Membership Summit
"Going from Good to Great in Relationship Perceptions" 
Presenting: Fred Lee

A nationally recognized expert in service excellence & author of
If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently